Picking the Right Major in order to be Considered for H1B Sponsorship

Picking the Right Major in order to be considered for H1B Sponsorship

I have met so many students who came to study in the U.S.A. with the dream to stay on and work in the U.S. after they graduate from college.  The reality of that dream is quickly shattered because many of them realize how hard it is to get sponsorship by an employer.  Most importantly, so many students pick the wrong major before even realizing that they have ruined their chances for getting H1B sponsorship in the U.S.A.

Many of the students that do get sponsored study science, engineering, technology, math, or law.  Why? Because these are the fields that are in high demand for skilled workers and there are not enough people with this background to meet those demands in the U.S.A.  Even though you have studied these majors, does not guarantee you sponsorship.  You must prove your worth in this country.  Every internship you receive must be taken seriously and strategically.  You need to give your employer every reason to keep you and prove that you have a huge impact on their business and the U.S. economy.  Most students from China have an advantage because of their background as so many companies in the U.S. are figuring out how to get into the Chinese market.  Do pick internships that will give you the opportunity to use your natural talent and knowledge of your homeland.  Do not just do the day-to-day tasks required in your internship, go above and beyond what is required of you.  Take initiative to find out what the employer needs and how you can be a vital asset to them.  Demonstrate that you can solve problems, achieve results and that they will have a hard time finding someone else to take your place.

In any major that you pick, research what types of positions there are, think about where you can go in your career, how your skills will benefit that employer/potential sponsor and the U.S. economy and how your China background will tie in.

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