Integrate Summit 2015

Internet of Things Summit at the Integrate 2015 Conference! This half-day summit on the main stage of integrate will feature talks covering Environment-as-Platform, Marketing with IoT Technology, and the effects of IoT on GovTech.

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The IoT Integration Summit highlights the importance of APIs and integrations for making IoT work. From wearables and devices to cars and homes, the impact of IoT will focus on the integrations developers build on top of IoT platforms.

PANEL Environment-as-Platform: How sensors, beacons, and devices will change our world

Every year, technology enables us to connect into our environment to a greater and greater degree – from connected cars and homes to connected retail and cities. From iBeacons and customer-aware retail censors to new smartphone technology, how will people be able to connect to their environments? If we think of Environment-as-Platform, are we seeing a rise of inter-connectedness of IoT technologies through the cloud, or are we only at the beginning of the “Integration of Things” ?

PANEL Integrating the IoT into Traditional Digital Marketing

Serving an ad online is a lot different from serving an add to a wearable device, a retailer screen, or even a car dashboard. Is IoT the next major advertising opportunity – and how will tracking / managing IoT customer data raise new big data & analytics challenges?

PANEL How will the Internet of thing affect government and its Institutions

We are now able to connect citizens to their environment in a way never before imaginable. How can we harness this technology to create citizen-first services that improve education, transportation and information delivery and security.

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