Hire Me! – Resumes that Stand Out

On October 18, 2013, I spoke in front of a group of Stanford students all hopeful candidates of Silicon Valley jobs.
What I presented to them was a different way to think about the resume. Make them understand that the traditional resume with an objective will no longer help them stand out. In fact, they have to write resumes that are online search-friendly and recruiter friendly. That means that the job position should be the headline of your resume and there should be a brief summary of your skills that reflects the position you are pursuing. One resume should not be used for all job positions but it should stand alone without a cover letter. Students must research and study their employer before they apply because if they leave it to the employer to figure things out, the employer will put their resume in the trash! Remember, employers receive thousands of resumes a day but they need to find the candidate who is the best fit. Make their jobs easier and make it obvious that you are the right fit candidate.

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