Essay Editing Service 文章改写服务

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Learn how UCC approaches editing:

UCC goes beyond grammar, spelling and tone. We help Brand YOU! Branding is another name for the story you tell about yourself. UCC will help you tell your story and market yourself in a compelling way.

Admissions and Employers want to get to know you! That is why there is an entire application process you must go through!


1) Tailored Focus: Many college admissions consultants or recruiting agencies treat all applications with the same approach. However, each client, college or employer is unique. Since the application process is about getting to know you, UCC has to do the same- we will get to know all facets of you!

2) Brand Marketing Approach: While perfect grammar and compelling language will give you a strong essay or cover letter, marketing and branding your unique talents will make you stand out. UCC knows what the college admissions and employers are looking for, and can help you transform your written communications into strong, well written marketing YOU material!

UCC will help you edit either by the hour, by essay count or by word count.

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