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美联社(USA COLLEGE CONNECTION,简称UCC),是一间专为中国赴美留学人士而设的权威咨询机构,目的在于和他们保持密切联系,了解他们所需,协助他们快速融入美式学习生活。


2.提供及时援助—由我们ROCS (RESCUE OVERSEAS CHINESE STUDENTS)海外中国留学生援助社团成员和专人随时解答。


USA COLLEGE CONNECTION is the authority for reaching, understanding, and helping International Chinese Students who are studying in the US.

MISSION:  To help International Chinese Students thrive in the USA and beyond their college education in order to succeed in this highly competitive global economy.  Be the reliable “Go To” resource center that provides first hand support and advice to International Chinese Students already in the US as well as to their designated higher education institutions.  Be an advocate for global education in the US so that Chinese and Americans can learn from one another.

WHY:  Over the past 5 years, US schools has seen rapid growth in International Chinese Student enrollment.  Once International Chinese Students arrive to the US, they not only have to overcome cultural and academic differences but also the high expectations set by friends, family, and employers back home.  As China’s growth is slowing down and global markets are facing an economic decline, competition for jobs and talent with top employers will be fierce!  International Chinese Students need to gain more experience and be ready to tackle the challenges that await them post US studies.  Remember, college is one of the pivotal destinations in any student’s life journey but college in the USA, it is not just about grades and test scores.  If International Chinese students can adjust to the US way of life both socially and academically, they will succeed not just in America but also throughout their lives.

HOW: UCC helps International Chinese Students through

1) First hand, unbiased accounts and advice from existing International Chinese Students already in the US via UCC website. See what they have to say about their experience in the US and be on a path to succeed!

2) Support for students in need of help or advice from experts as well as access to existing International Chinese Students who are members of our ROCS (RESCUE OVERSEAS CHINESE STUDENTS) Club!

3) Customized cultural orientation and immersion programs and services that enhance students’ experience when they arrive in the US or before they depart to the US. These services can be customized for both students or for their designated schools.

WHO: Introducing the original group of ROCS STARS (RESCUE OVERSEAS CHINESE STUDENTS) who interned at UCC because they believed in the importance of helping future International Chinese Students avoid some of the mistakes they made when they first arrived in the US.  These ROCS STARS have provided their own personal accounts about their year abroad and have set the stage for others to do the same.  Hear and read what they have to say!

SISI GUO: Currently a graduate student at Clemson University studying graphic design, Sisi received her Masters of Digital Marketing at Hult International Business School which brought her back to the Bay Area after completing a summer session at UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business. She also earned a Bachelor of Science in Economics from Beijing Institute of Technology. Sisi contributes to UCC’s branding efforts both digitally and in print.

JENNY WU: Jenny currently graduated from Hult International Business School with a Masters in International Marketing. She has been involved with UCC since March, 2012. Her specialties are market research for China market, content development, online and social media strategy, video recording and editing. She is responsible for filming and editing UCC student videos.
Find out how you can become a ROCS STAR Intern at UCC.


“You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.”
Zinn, Jon Kabat

“A good hockey player plays where the puck is. A great hockey player plays where the puck is going to be.”
Wayne Gretzky (via advice from his father, Walter Gretzky)



UCC is founded by Irene who spent her lifetime bridging the East and West.  She studied, traveled, lived and worked in Greater China, Europe and USA.  Irene graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a BA and MA.

After graduating from UPENN, Irene earned a full scholarship to study at Beijing’s Language and Culture University where she taught English to Chinese professionals as well as coached students on how to prepare for their US visa and US college admissions interviews.  She then moved to New York to pursue a career in global marketing where she worked for the pioneers of product marketing and branding- Estee Lauder Companies and L’Oreal USA.  After years of traveling around the world, Irene was ready to return to China as an expatriate.  She took an executive position at Education First (formerly English First) Professional English Division to develop a Career Services program, which evolved into a department of 4 business units that expanded across 4 Chinese cities.

As a versatile global marketer with years of experience within progressive Fortune 500 companies to fast-track start-ups, Irene realized a strong correlation between marketing and launching products with marketing and launching people for college and career.  Just as businesses go through different cycles of development to stay relevant and current to their market, people go through different stages of life to evolve and transform themselves.  Given her corporate and education background, Irene has developed an effective marketing approach to get clients into and help them succeed at top US universities and corporations.

In addition to college and career consulting, Irene is a sought-after Cross-Cultural Connector specializing in Greater China and US.  After working in China, she became an advocate for human capital and leadership because talent remains the biggest challenge and priority for employers in that region. She works directly with CEOs of major corporations as Co-Chair of the Membership Committee for CEO Connection, an exclusive membership organization that connects the best business leaders worldwide. From her interactions with CEOs, Irene has identified the qualities that define leaders who gain coveted spots at select companies and colleges and has incorporated this knowledge into UCC.  She is an experienced lecturer who presented to the Beijing Olympic Committee as well as major U.S. and Chinese universities and corporations.

Find out how Irene can help you feel confident about your next journey in life and secure your future ambitions.